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"Return to Foretop's Father" is the working title of a film I am collaborating on with Preston Randolph of Cactus Productions, and Mike Vanata of Square State Film. The documentary, follows Apsaalooke Crow Tribe Elder, Grant Bulltail, on his quest to reclaim a powerful energy that was lost to the Crow Tribe during the segregation of indian reservations early in our nation's history. Through story telling, educational seminars, and an annual pipe ceremony that takes place on Heart Mountain in Cody, WY, Grant is working to inform the public that there is a change we can all make to reverse the negative effects of climate change and technological dissonance in society.

Please click the above photo for a short video about the film.

"The Crossing" is a short documentary I co-produced with ultramaratonista, Nick Triolo. In 2013 Nick helped organize and run a 70 mile "Crossing" of the Baja Peninsula to protest against proposed open-pit gold mining in the Sierra de la Laguna. 

This run was the first ever foot crossing of the entire peninsula in a day, and helped to further a much greater resistance to multi-national gold mining propositions in the Sierra De La Laguna Mountains.

I have to personally thank all of the generous people that backed our Kickstarter campaign! Your donations are helping spread word of this great resistance to a much larger audience.

Click on the above photo to view the film!

And please, check out Nick's blog:

In the Early 2000's J.C. DuBois sunk everything he had into building a house on Blue Mountain outside of Missoula, Montana. His dream was to build an immaculate home by utilizing reclaimed materials, and retrofit it with a recording studio so that he could chase his one true passion, music. Armed with a degree in architecture and 40,000 square feet of reclaimed barn wood, he set out to complete his dream... Since then a lot has changed in his life. After completing the house and trying to make two different marriages work, J.C. is now in a position where he has to sell the house to take care of his two identical twin boys, Lincoln, and Arthur. With the house entering the market in the spring of 2014, J.C. has decided to try and utilize the studio one last time, before its too late.

This 5-20min documentary will cover the steps and process J.C. and I take to record a fully produced album in his studio, and his life's story over the last fifteen years. By producing a series of live music videos and updating his presence on social media, we will generate interest in the album, and provide easy access to his music online.

Click the above photo to view live music videos!

"Freestone" is a short documentary I am working on with Walt Hailes, the owner of the Freestone Climbing Center in Missoula, MT. This 5-10 minute film will provide a history and overview of Freestone as it exists today. Through interviews with multiple members of the community, we hope to provide a sense of how this local climbing gym has helped build, and develop, the larger climbing community in and around Missoula. For information on the gym please visit their website.

This year I was able to  documenting the 2014 "Off the Rack" Fashion show.This unique fashion show occurs every spring, and is a fundraiser for the Blue Mountain Clinic in Missoula, MT. A reoccurring theme of OTR each year is to create all garments and costumes for the show out of non-lubricated, latex condoms. This 5-10 minute film explores the  attitudes and deeper meaning behind OTR, as well as covering the 2014 event.

Please click the above photo to view the film!

For more information about the show please go to:

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